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Monday, March 30, 2009

Spirit Sight

Ah my, Sue was bad last week. No blog post. Sorry about that folks. I am chalking it up to spring fever. It was quite nearly warm enough for me to start on my yard work last week but then it snowed! Although this is typical weather for Michigan this time of year, it never fails to give my neural network a short circuit when it happens. Hence the lack of a blog post.

This week I am leading off with a piece that I did for a newly released Dragon Storm card called Spirit Sight. This piece looks good on the card but it's considerably better when viewed in a larger size; there are several things going on in this image that look best when seen in the size below. This art represents the world as a spirit walker sees it. All shamans see ghosts, but most shamans can turn this ability off; spirit walkers cannot. For them, the spirit plane constantly intrudes on reality, giving them a unique vision.

Spirit Sight


Qcpu said...

That is awesome, I would buy a print of that. I love the expression of the table!

FirestarAROC4 said...

You did such a great job on the Spirit Walker line!! I love the art on every card.

Is the gentleman on the Spirit Walker cards an actual character, or is he just the spokesman for the card line?

Perhaps a cast card in the future??

Susan Van Camp said...

Hi guys. Sorry for my tardy replies here. Evidently I have not been drinking enough coffee....

Qcpu, thank you very much. This is a departure from my usual style and I am delighted to see it well received. I will gladly sell you a print. Drop me a line at and we can settle the details.

Hey, Firestar. Yes, the gentleman is a character. He is Jason of my husband's podcast series, Mark's Mysteries. If you want to know more about him, go to the Art by SVC master links page and follow the Mark's Mysteries link. Alternately, do a search for Mark's Mysteries in Itunes. I think you'll like what you hear.

MarkEllisHarmon said...

Somebody (me) put the Spirit Sight print up for Sale in Sue's Etsy Shop. The address for it is:

Susan Van Camp said...

Thanks, Mark! After I read your post, I remembered you mentioning that you had but this image on Etsy.