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Monday, March 16, 2009

Follow up on Earlier Post

Good Morning folks. We're seeing some spring temperatures here and they are fine. We're also enjoying a couple of sunny days, which is a nice break from all of the spring rain and snow melt that has been turning the ground to mud.

Below is a follow up to a post I put up late in 2008. That image was a gray tone drawing. This one is the digitally colored version of that piece. I love the romantic mood of this one. It also evokes thoughts a spring, which is appropriate for late March. Enjoy.



FirestarAROC4 said...

Ooh, cool!
It's fun to see depictions of characters doing real-life things other than being in combat!

Can't wait to be able to have a similar picture of Terri in a wedding dress...that is if K would ever get around to asking her!!

Sue said...

Thanks for the good words. I agree with your sentiments here; although a blood and guts fight scene can a be a lot of fun, too much of anything gets redundant. I enjoy illustrating a variety of subjects and moods.

Hmm, perhaps Terri is going to need to get just slightly pushy with K....