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Friday, May 1, 2009

All April posts on the first of May

Yow--April went by in a flash. I am often very busy this time of year, working on commissions and preparing for the summer season. This year I was especially busy, so much so that I neglected my blogging. No posts in April means that I have a lot of catching up to do. The following is a catch up post containing a sampling of some of the pieces I've finished recently.


This piece was commissioned by Bit at Furry Connection North. It shows Bit, Swann, Alkali, Steele and Rak as adventurers. Many thanks to Bit and co. for the commission--it was a blast.


Here's a lovely piece commissioned by Earl McClaw at the same show. It shows Earl and Ms. Chevious sharing an intimate moment at a diplomatic affair. This is a follow up to a piece that Randy Zimmerman did earlier for Earl. Thanks muchly, Earl.

SwordofSkel Duke

This is the Sword of the Skeleton Duke, another piece from the AROC project, which I talked about a couple of posts ago. I am very happy with this piece, particularly the hilt.

dl2 429

Here's a piece done for David L at Home Con earlier this month. All adventurers need a break once in a while.


This is a WIP sketch from an ongoing project that I'm doing for Mark M. The final piece will be an acrylic painting that I hope to display at Gencon.

Okay, that's it for the moment. I'm taking a week off, then I'll be back to work--and hopefully posting more often. Happy spring, everyone.


Seth Paul said...

The sword is just awesome. The detail on the face is great; sharp and just unpleasant enough to show it's not exactly the nicest of all magic items. Kyle's going to love it, I know.

Susan Van Camp said...

Thanks Seth. I liked that face too. I am trying to not think much about where in my back brain I dredged it up from.

Speaking of artwork, I should have a finished pencil sketch of your piece for your to view this weekend.