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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Magic Card Signing

In addition to a patron whose emails inspired me to do a post about copyright--see the previous post--I have recently received a fair number of inquiries asking how fans can get my signature on Magic Cards I have illustrated. These questions have spurred me to write another FAQ, this one about my policies regarding Magic Card signing.

I own Magic cards that Sue has illustrated. Will she sign them for me?

Yes, but only under certain conditions.

What are the conditions?

1. If you bring your cards to a show I am attending, I will sign up to five of them for no charge. I will sign more cards than five if you make a purchase.

2. If you make a purchase on my web site or through Etsy, I will sign Magic cards that you send me via the Mail.

I'm going to be attending a show where Sue plans to appear and I have more than five cards that I want signed. How much do I have to buy to get my additional cards signed?

I suggest a purchase of at least 5.00. I prefer a purchase of at least 20.00 if you want 10 or more additional cards signed. In general, the more cards you want signed, the larger the purchase should be.

I want my cards signed by mail. What should I do?

First, send me an email telling me that you want to mail Magic Cards to be signed. Let me know how many cards you plan to send and your country of origin. I will reply with an email letting you know how large of a purchase you will need to make to get your cards signed. Again, the more cards you want signed, the larger purchase I will request. Once you know the amount, go to my website and make a purchase of that much or more. When the order arrives, I will send an email giving you my shipping address where you can send your cards. When your cards arrive I will sign them. I will then pack them in the same package as your order and send your order back to you with signed cards enclosed.

Will you mail my cards back to me via insured mail?

Regretfully, no. Additionally, I do not accept any responsibility for damage to your Magic cards, either during shipping or when they are in my possession. I will to handle them with care but, if you mail them to me to be signed, you do so at your own risk.

I believe I've covered everything; if you have any additional questions please send me an email as or leave your inquiry as a comment to this post.

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