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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wolfsinger Hunts

Here are the pencils for a piece I'm doing for Wolfsinger. He's going to be gray and brown when I digitally paint him. I'm considering elm trees in the background, as I think this would make good contrast with his colors. I'm happy with the look I got on his face; I can imagine him scenting his prey. Thanks again, Wolfsinger, for commissioning this piece!


Robert Thomas said...

The sketch looks great! That will be a wonderful piece for the commission. I like the concentration on the face as he is tracking down his prey. It could be hunting for food or an enemy warpspawn and/or necromancer.

Susan Van Camp said...

Thanks, Robert! I like your observation on what he is hunting. For the commissioner he is hunting deer, but this piece has a definite Dragon Storm flavor. I can very much see this gent hunting mad spawn!