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Monday, October 18, 2010

Cejula and the Beast

I recently accepted a commission from AJ, who commissioned this piece. When I sent him an estimate, I asked if he would like me to go 'over the top' with this piece. Although it was more expensive, he generously agreed to the more detailed version I described. Here is a WIP of the artwork. I am quite pleased with how it is coming along. I'll post the colored version when it is done. Thanks again, AJ!

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FirestarAROC4 said...

Love the detail of the whole thing. That creature in very interesting, what is it??

Rachel said...

That looks great! I met you at Con on the Cob and just found your blog! Consider me now subscribed. :)

Sue said...

Firestar, the creature was fascination to draw. AJ sent me two references. One looked something like a Moa (a giant flightless bird, now exticnt) and the other ones of the large, colorful birds related to the emus (I forget the exact name). We then chatted a bit about birds and their relationship to dinosaurs via email. Then he gave me artistic license. I love that! I went with a saurian head and a bird like body and I think it works.
Rachel, it was great to meet you at Con at the Cob. Thanks for the comment! I hope to see you again at future shows.