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Monday, May 17, 2010

Spring Bonanza Part Two

Hi folks. We are back from Novi Comic Con and we're prepping for next week's show. In the midst of work, I am taking a bit of time to post some commission art from last weekend's show. There is quite a bit of it, so I figured I would do a second spring bonanza to cover as much as possible. Enjoy!

First up are the large color pictures that I delivered to the AROC gaming group at the show. I have been looking forward to showing these off here. Some of these are posted as small images to avoid cropping; to see them larger, click on the image.

Unicorn Avatar

Terrie in Color

Kay in Color


Next up are a couple of black and white commissions that I completed for AROC group members at the show.

Elethay Wedding

Untitled #105

Finally, here are three different IPad commissions that I did at Comic Con. The cat portrait was drawn by hand, scanned, then colored and finished on my IPad. The other two were done entirely on my IPad.

Cheryl Cats

Wayne cook May 2010

Thor Badge IPad Illo

My deepest thanks again to the patrons who helped make Comic Con a fun and profitable show.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the OwlBear. I look so cute :)

FirestarAROC4 said...

To Anonymous:
I think it's cool you're an Owlbear!! I think the humble Owlbear doesn't get enough respect and recognition in this world.

FirestarAROC4 said...

Thanks for all the cool art Sue!!!

I think I'm jealous of myself for having that custom Terri card. That shot may be my favorite of her yet!

You always get the personalities in the characters perfectly.

Sue said...

Thor, your avatar was fun to draw. I love those colors. Black and violet look really nice together. I agree with Firestar--Owlbears need more respect.

Firestar, you and the AROC guys came up with another great set of ideas for me to illustrate. It was a delight to do the pics and wonderful to see you again at Novi Comic Con.