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Thursday, July 30, 2009

WIP for Seth

Here's a piece that I've been looking forward to showing. It's a black and white version of an image that will end up being a painting in September. Seth P commissioned this piece of his DS character and I am tickled with the way it's turning out. Stay tuned to this blog for a digital color version of his piece, which I plan to post in August.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Morning Fire in the Afternoon

Good afternoon everyone. I woke up late today and so I'm blogging when the sun is well up in the sky. Today I want to display a piece that I debuted at Origins. It's called Morning Fire. Like Dress Up Three, it's an acrylic painting. Special thanks to Sandy S., an artist friend who was visiting the day I started painting it. Her comments helped me make some of the color choices for this piece.

Morning Fire

Monday, July 27, 2009

More DS Art

Happy Monday everyone. It's a beautiful day in Michigan--sunny, with blue skies and warm temperatures. I hope conditions are pleasant where you live today--if not outside your window, then inside your head. ^^

Since I started digitally coloring black and white sketches, I've seen a good amount of progress in my mastery of this medium. Usually my progress is steady but occasionally I create a piece that looks exceptionally good to me. The one I've posted this morning is one of those. Done as a piece of card art for Dragon Storm, it makes use of the kind of bold color schemes that I like best in digitally colored art. It also shows a selective use of detail that draws the eye without cluttering the design. Have a look and enjoy.

VeteranFamiliar Agility

Friday, July 24, 2009

More from Origins

Here's another piece from Origins, commissioned by Gordon N. He hired me to do several pieces, including this piece of one of his characters from a Hogwarts game. Doing characters with familiars is always a lot of fun. One of the other images from this set was a character from another game who was an adult; in this game, he is playing the same character as a girl. This is an interesting role playing concept that I might try myself some time.

Schoolgirl n Gargoyle

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fleet and Company

Far a second post, please have a look at this work in progress that I'm doing for Chris B. Chris is from Australia, which makes the savanna background for this piece especially appropriate. I really enjoyed drawing his mischievous friend catching his tail. Cheers, Chris!


Herd Mentality

Well, that streak of blogging lasted three days. I'm afraid I won't beat that streak this week--unless I don't count Saturdays (which I always take off unless I have a show). To do as many posts this week as last, I'll do two posts today.

Herd Mentality is a publication focusing on centaurs. It's a fun 'zine, especially if you like six limbed hoofies. They published a centaur pic of mine in one of their recent issues. Check out their blog at the link below to learn more.

Herd Mentality

Friday, July 17, 2009

Spirit Tracker

Three days, three posts. Let's see how long I can keep this run going. ^^

I've been preparing for Stormcon, coming up at the beginning of July. Stormcon is a convention run by the fine folks at the Storm Rider's Guild. It is a purely Dragon Storm based convention. I don't take at show commissions at Stormcon, specifically so that I can play and run DS games. If you'd like to know more about Stormcon, click on the link below.

Today's art comes from a DS card that will be released at Storm Con. This is one of those simple designs that looks good at full size and even better when reduced down to the near postal stamp dimensions used on a card. Its simple color scheme adds to this effect. Sometimes simple is good.

Spirit Tracker

Thursday, July 16, 2009

West Coast DS Forum

OMG, it's a Twofer! Here's a second post written on the same day that a previous post has appeared! Be still my racing heart!

For this post, I want to direct your attention to the West Coast Dragon Storm Forum, which has seen a lot of posting lately. Boojum the Brown Bunny has been active of late; a current post includes a new PDF DS character sheet. Check it out and post a comment on his forum. You can get there via the link below.

West Coast DS Forum

Thohi and Fitzi

It's another lovely morning in Michigan and I'm blogging again; this will make it two days in a row. Woo hoo! could this be the beginning of a trend?

This morning's posting is sponsored by Thohi and Fitzi, who commissioned this lovely badge at Anthrocon 2009. They were delightful to chat with and I'm tickled with the way their piece came out. The crosshatch detail on this one works nicely to blend the different elements. Thanks again for hiring me to do this piece.

Thoni n Fitzi

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Good Morning! I just finished a big upload of images to my Flickr page, which means that they're available for posting on my blog. Let's get started with my latest whimsical cat piece, Dress Up Three, which I released at Origins a couple of weeks ago. This piece marks my return to acrylic painting after something of a hiatus from the media (I've been very busy with digital work). It was a treat to pick up my paintbrush again. This piece is up on Etsy; follow the Etsy link just above this posting if you'd like to buy a print. If you are interested in the original painting drop me an email at
Dress Up Two

Friday, July 10, 2009

Slow but Sure

Hi, folks. I'm recovering from two shows in a row and so I'm only doing a short posting this morning. I wanted to get this up in order to thank friends and patrons who helped make these shows a success. Special thanks go to Tim and Mala Kennard. They helped us run our Origins table, despite Tim having a problem with his leg. We are grateful to them and to all of our supporters.