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Thursday, July 30, 2009

WIP for Seth

Here's a piece that I've been looking forward to showing. It's a black and white version of an image that will end up being a painting in September. Seth P commissioned this piece of his DS character and I am tickled with the way it's turning out. Stay tuned to this blog for a digital color version of his piece, which I plan to post in August.



FirestarAROC4 said...

Seth sent me the color version yesterday...This is going to be such a cool piece!!
I really liked the colors you used, especially the green in Lani's dress and the sunset.

Of course this painting is going to make me want to get a similar one of Terri (or at least a big montage like digi picture)...I'd just have to think of what to put in it from her 12 years of adventureing...

Sue said...

Thank you! I'll try and post the color version before Gencon too. The sunset colors were Seth's idea; the original version I sent had an afternoon sky and he suggested a revision with these colors. I think he had a great idea as this looks better than the first version. In fact, maybe i'll post both versions to show what I nean.

Oh, a picture in this style of Terri would be very cool! I agree--from what you've told me about her, choosing what to leave out would be the hardest part.