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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Good Morning! I just finished a big upload of images to my Flickr page, which means that they're available for posting on my blog. Let's get started with my latest whimsical cat piece, Dress Up Three, which I released at Origins a couple of weeks ago. This piece marks my return to acrylic painting after something of a hiatus from the media (I've been very busy with digital work). It was a treat to pick up my paintbrush again. This piece is up on Etsy; follow the Etsy link just above this posting if you'd like to buy a print. If you are interested in the original painting drop me an email at
Dress Up Two


Seth said...

I don't think anybody would even notice a hiatus from acryllic; it still looks as good as ever. It's just something about the soft-edged look to it that makes it look so cool...

Sue said...

Thanks, Seth. The differences between my acrylic and digital work become increasingly subtle as I master my
paint program. Still, there's something about a painting that shows through, even on a scan. I agree about the edges; in fact, if I am doing an anime style piece I usually do the colors digitally because I want sharp edges between hues instead of soft blends.