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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Special

It's two days before Halloween and I'm celebrating on my blog by posting a group of pics instead of just one. These came mostly from commissions I completed at Fur Fright, which makes them perfect for Halloween. The last one is a piece I plan to deliver at Pentacon in early November.


Taminin commissioned this lovely badge. I like to do complex designs for these little pieces and he had this long braid and a feather......


Have I mentioned that I like drawing horses? No? Well, I really like drawing horses! Thanks Ard.

Guilty Pleasures

Newie has commissioned some terrific story pieces, but I think this one is the best I've done for him so far. It is his saber tooth tiger character who happens to be employed as a paleontologist. All those old bones got to be too much of a temptation. This one is called "Guilty Pleasures."

Vampus Interruptus

This piece is a first for me; Missy commissioned not one but two characters. Each reflects different aspects of her personality; the innocent, excitable great dane in cowboy boots is one aspect and the lovely, demure, well dressed hyena is another. In this pic the great dane is trying to get the hyena's attention, getting in the way while she is trying to strike an alluring pose. I call this one Vampus Interruptus. Thanks Missy!


I am having a blast with this WIP. This is for AW; it's his son Sean, done as an anime character. Working from photo reference, he asked me to illustrate Sean as if he was the star of his own series. I love my job. Thanks AW.

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