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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Seth's Painting

Here is final installment of my postings regarding Seth's painting. Earlier I posted the pencils and digitally colored versions of this piece. Here is the final painting. The original is a 16"x20", acrylic and oil artwork painted on multimedia board. I really enjoy the 'movie poster' design of this piece; it makes a striking painting that nicely illustrates the character's life. I plan to make prints and sell them at upcoming conventions and on my Etsy site. Thanks again, Seth!

Seth painting


Seth said...

Still no comments? I thought my character's magic harp would charm more people than this. Oh, well. It looks good even shrunk down to fit on most PCs, so thanks again.

And yes, ladies, he's spoken for...she's right there in the back, having been rescued from the clutches of the fellow making his getaway up there in the tower.

Sue said...

From what I've seen, the number of comments on a post has more to do with how busy people are when they view a piece than the quality of a particular image. I've had prints of this piece on display now and it has been well received. One patron did a double take because the face looked like a photo to him.

Seth said...

No problems...I was just trying to be a little humorous there about the comments thing. I just really liked the way it turned out, and good hear other people think so, too.