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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My first Iphone Commission

Anyone who has seen me in the last few months may have noticed me fiddling with my new iphone. I bought it for business purposes and it has handled those tasks quite nicely. In the last month I've learned how to draw on my phone, using a painting app and a Pogo stylus. With practice, I became confident enough to take on an iphone color commission. Here it is. Many thanks to Bitwulf, who commissioned this at Midwest Furfest; he and his friends also offered technical advice on transferring the completed image between devices. For now, I send commissions like this one as email attachments. Eventually, I hope to send them directly from my phone to the patron's phone.



Alkali said...

On an I-phone? Dear lord. I have a new goal. i will find a medium that you can't draw on. Bubbels. Try that one ;)


Sue said...

Hmmm. Is that a challenge? ^^