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Monday, November 17, 2008

Card Art Project

I"ve been selling proofs with original art on them for some time. Usually I do one image on a proof at a time. In this case, following the lead of artists like Ed Beard--who does wonderful, detailed sketches on the backs of multiple cards--I have tried my hand at a card art painting. The painting below was done in acrylic inks on the back of seven Magic card proofs. I was pleased with the level of detail I achieved, especially given that I was painting on thin card stock. Thanks to MW, who commissioned this piece.



Qcpu said...

I have been playing Magic since Ice Age, and you have always been one of my favorite artists. I love the work you have done on the stock.

Sue said...

Hey Qcpu. I appreciate your compliment. It was wonderful to do work for Magic and I continue to be gratified by responses to my Magic card images. This particular project was wonderful because I tried a new technique and it turned out well. I plan to use it again, both to decorate Magic proofs and on original pieces.