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Thursday, September 25, 2008

WIP New Howling Rage Art

Here's a piece I'm working on for Dave H. It's a commission of his character in an 'excitable' mood. When it's done, Dave will get the original painting and I will use the image to replace the art for Howl of Rage--which, though serviceable, is an early example of my digitally painted work. The final for this piece will provide a much more exciting image. To see just how exciting, check back next week!



Terry O'Brien said...

Ah, yes, the famous "Flying, flaming furious fuzzy" that is Robert Smith. Its what happens when you stack several Fire Shields on a werewolf with Wizard Wings.

Sue said...

It's not pretty, especially if you are a necromancer. It will be even uglier in the color version. Don't take my word for it; next week you will be able to judge for yourself when I post the color sketch.