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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Male Phoenix Character

Here's a gent I illustrated for the upcoming Dragon Storm phoenix character release. He provides a good example of my evolving digital art style. This piece has fine color, composition and a cute guy; it's got everything I like. I find this style less painterly and more anime, which is just the opposite of the direction that I'm going on my whimsical cat pieces. If it seems a little strange that I am headed for a more realistic look for my cute kittens and a more anime look for my fantasy elves, let me explain that I love experimenting with styles. I also enjoy feedback from you folks on what you think of the results. If you have a style preference I'd love to hear it.

Male Phoenix Character


John Striffler said...

Are you going to be a the GenCon gaming covention this year ? I need to buy 2 more pictures ( painting or prints ). I have a friend who is going to the convention. I also say that this picture is fine, very fine.

Sue said...

Hi John. Yep, I'll be there. We won't have a booth for Black Dragon Press--instead I'll have a table in the artshow. Send your freind to look for me there. If I am lucky they'll put me in the same place I have been for the last couple of years, which is near the front. Once I know my position for sure I will see if I can put it up as a blog post.
By the way, thanks for sending the question as a post. It gives me a chance to answer for you and for others who might also want to know. And thanks for the feedback!