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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Gencon Art Show Location

Hey folks! I am here in Indy on Wednesday night and I have an update. The art show has a new location and a new layout and, incidentally, a different location for my booth. I have posted maps below to help you find my new place. I am not sure of the number--it was blurry on the page--but I think the pics give a good idea of where to find me.



ds flunkie said...

Sort of stuck you in the back this year, huh! That lack of respect won't go unpunished. As soon as I created a Greatflame Dragon character, I'm going to come and redecorate those idiots. I wonder if they like Burnt Umber?!?

Have a great show, kiddo!

sue said...

Hi ds! Thanks for the moral support--it's much appreciated. However, it looks to me, based on how traffic is flowing through the room, that there is no bad spot in it; in fact, my impression is that folks are finding me without too much effort. There is more traffic in the art show this year--due in part to better placement of the whole show, more doors, and having an entry right by front face. As far as the back wall showing a lack of respect--I remember last year, looking at the excellent traffic folks were getting on the back wall and being a little envious. Sometimes it's not always best to be in front....