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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Greater Eastern Dragon

Hi folks. There were a lot of digital art commissions on my schedule this week and I just finished a batch of them yesterday. Here's one from this group--a greater eastern dragon done for Boojum. If you remember from my blog posts a few months ago, I did an eastern dragon for Boojum earlier. He commissioned me to do this follow up piece, which I like quite a bit. The two together look very cool--you can see the progression. For those of you who are DS players, this form and the male Penglai character should be available on the DS web page in the next week or so.


boojumbunn said...

Wow! He looks so COOL! I can hardly wait for my cards to arrive! Long Sho is all ready to begin using the Greater forms. :)

Boojum the brown bunny

boojumbunn said...

YAY!!! They arrived! I can hardly wait to begin using them. Long Sho is so ready to be a greater Dragon! As usual, the artwork is stunning and will be going up on the wall in our Game room.

I've actually started slipping a copy of the card in with the artwork so that friends can see the connection. :D Besides, it makes for a nice display!

Boojum the brown bunny

Susan Van Camp said...

Hey, Boojum, I'm delighted to hear that your pieces arrived so quickly. This was a fun set, especially since it was a follow up to the earlier one. I posted the first eastern dragon on my Etsy site and he is getting lots of hits. I think I will post this dragon in a bit and see if he gets a much attention.

Cool idea to put the card in with the art, by the way.