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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Big Horse with Big Guns!

Good Morning, all! Have a look at the pencil sketch for a piece I am doing for S.P. He wanted this character shooting a pair of hand held modern gatling guns. I saw weaponry similar to this in Ghost in the Shell, which is one of my favorite anime series. It was a lot of fun to draw. I will be coloring this piece soon and I will post it here when it is done. Thank you very much, S.P.


Big Horse Big Guns


FirestarAROC4 said...

Love the expression on his face.
The thing I didn't notice the first time I looked at it was the fact that the bullets are tearing off parts of the door as they go by. Super cool! Seth is going to love this one once it hits color!

Sue said...

Hi, Firestar. Yes, that expression really makes the piece. I would love to take credit for the detail of those ripped up doors, but SP described those when he made the commission. It really adda a lot to the image.