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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Second Post of Aroc Week

As promised, here is more art from the AROC commission.

Wereshark Form

The wereshark character card, shown in the previous post, shows a wereshark standing on two legs. They can also go on all fours when on land, as can be seen in the form card art above. I like the idea of this, since their bodies, in the water, have a horizontal orientation; it would probably feel a lot more natural to maintain that orientation when walking on the land.

Amethest Ring

The amythest ring shown here is another case of me having fun with my 3D programs. I especially like how this style lends itself to illustrating items.


FirestarAROC4 said...

I laugh even more and shake my head. These weresharks are so absurdly great! I really really like the concept that you came up with how they move from being quadrupedal to bipedal like a bear. Make sense.

You used a pretty color for the purple in the amethyst ring. I should probably have you put one of these on Terri's left ring soon as K can gather enough money for one that is!

Sue said...

Lol. It sounds like I may break the bank for K. ^^