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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

First Post of AROC Week

As I've mentioned before, I am working on a large commission for the AROC gaming group, which includes multiple custom DS cards. This week I am going to concentrate on previews from these cards, which will be available in May 2010. This is a great art project to work on and the guys have given me lots of room to play, so my style is all over the map on this set. Organized chaos can be you friend.

The piece below is the merfolk shape shifter I mentioned last week. Merfolk turn into weresharks! Here is a look at the art to the wereshark character card.
Wereshark character

This is the Truth Seeker harp. I created this one by using four different art programs and I'm pleased how it turned out. I especially like the carving on the harp.
Truthseeker Harp

There will be another posting this week with more images from the AROC project. Stay tuned to this blog!


FirestarAROC4 said...

I look at the Merfolk wereshark and think two things.
1. What did we do?
2. This is going to be awesome!

I love it! lol

I had no thought of what the Truth Seeker harp was going to look like when I came up with the card. The carving came out great. As this is not an NFS item, I'm imagining now all sorts of different carvings on these harps depending on who commissioned them being carved. I'd like to think the one in the picture will be Amaroth's.


Sue said...

1. Something wonderful and dangerous.
2. Yes, it is.

Thank you. ^^

Your idea on the Truth Seeker harp is a very interesting one. I am learning how to do more of this 'carved' look in Zbrush; I am still blown away by how much detail this technique can produce.