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Thursday, September 10, 2009

New for David

I am just putting the finishing touches on a couple of new pieces for David S. This is one of a series of commissions based on an old comic. I always have fun with these; it is stylized and interesting work. Besides, I always wondered what a tiger would look like in a fedora. ^^ Thanks again, David.

DS Ow!


Seth said...

So, when you say based on an old comic, are you referring to just style, or is this based on an actual panel from a comic? If it is, I was wondering where it came from initially...I want to know what expo used to sell those awesome hats, and why anyone would shoot someone wearing one of them.

Sue said...

The name of the comic is Thunderbolt. It was published in the 60's. David has commissioned me and a number of other artists to do panels, pages and even short stories that spin off from the original plot of the comic. It's been an interesting project to work on, both for my own education (you can learn a lot from dissecting the style of another artist, which I have done repeatedly with this work) and because I'm enchanted by the central idea. It's a variation on a theme done by a fairly large number of artists. I would love to see him publish a collection of these pieces some day.

Yes, I like those hats too. Fedora's are very cool. I hope they come back into style soon.