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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

But Wait There's More

Did I say that I was done with Comicon commissions? Well, I fibbed. Here is one more, posted because I really like it. This is Kat, a character commissioned by, and copyright by Seth Paul. I enjoyed the idea of this character; how could you not like a calico cat who smokes cigars?

Kat is Copyright by Seth Paul

This artwork of Kat is Copyright by Susan Van Camp

Kat blog


Seth said...

I still love the way this turned out...especially considering the source material you had to work with. ;-)

If anyone is actually interested in the character herself...well, she's part of a comic I've been wanting to do for a long time (which has been long delayed due to my frustration with my own artwork and good ol' fashioned procrastination). The name, oddly enough, was not intended to be a pun (at least, I don't think; I came up with the comic idea back in 1998, and I don't remember if I had that in mind at the time). She is a for-hire assassin who ends up causing a great deal of grief for another character (who Sue also drew, and put my own artwork to shame once again), which leads to a climactic fight between the two of them. At least, it would, if I could get around to working on the dang thing.

Susan Van Camp said...

As far as source material goes, you do yourself a disservice. I thought it was fine; it gave me a terrific starting point. The piece would not have turned out this nicely without it.

yeah, working on comics is time consuming. I am still doing a bit of it but it always goes slower than I like. I have a couple of back burner comic projects myself that I hope to start completing and posting---sometime.......