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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bashcon and More

This week I want to say hi and thanks to all the folks who came to see me and Mark at Bashcon: It was great to meet you all again and we appreciate you harzarding the cold and the traffic to come to the show. We had a lovely time and it was a good show. We have already heard from a new player who had a terrific time and is looking to get his freinds started playing DS.

Tim, I really like your idea for the yak dragon critter. Would you drop a quick note to Mark about it? He will post it on the DS blog and we can see if there is enough interest to do it as a card--perhaps even a mount or beast of burden.

Ann, keep on trucking. There's a laptop in your future. Send me your blog address and I will post it here.

Jason, look to this space, either next week or the week after, to see your completed pencil sketch for Kor's wedding. I will ship it before I post it, of course.

This week's art is something new; an experimental piece I did to try out new techniques. Green Girl is wearing a circlet of leaves that were modeled after foliage I gathered from my back yard. That is, I scanned a leaf, turned it into a 3D model, and used the model to build the circlet. (Don't ask how--this post is already long enough this week and I it will turn into an essay if I go into that....). She was a ton of fun to illustrate. I hope to have more images along this line to show you in the future.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

White Star

This week's commission is White Star the Dragoon, showing his humanoid form in front and his draconic form behind. I've done furred dragons before, but this is the first I've done with yak like hair. I rather like the effect. Combined with those horns it gives him an commanding air.

White Star is one of many commissions I've been working on this week. You'll see more of these in upcoming weeks. I also hope to show you some previews of paintings in progress. Late winter through the end of spring my favorite time to be in my studio; light and temperature are excellent. I try to get as most of my large paintings done this time of year.

Bashcon is coming up next week. I hope to see some of you there. If I can pull it off, I will write my next blog entry from the convention.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Demon Wore Earbuds....

I've been catching up on commissions this week and doing art for the new season of Mark's Mysteries. You can find go the the Mark's Mysteries website and listen to his strange and very cool podcast by clicking on this link. My art this week is an illustration for his latest post, Episode 7, which you can find by scrolling to the bottom of his page. Boy this was fun to draw....

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Hi Folks. I'm back from Further Confusion, rested up and happy. For anyone who is flying to the West Coast, let me make an unpaid endorsement of South West Airlines. It took a bit of a drive to get to an airport they served, but even with the additional cost of gas their ticket price and excellent service was a bargain.

FC was great, as usual. It was a terrific show with great energy. The fursuit parade was the largest one yet--and I have seen some pretty big ones lately. Thanks again to all of you folks who stopped by to chat, to buy art and to commission original pieces. If all goes as planned I will be posting at least one of these pieces later. Special thanks to Boojum, Lynn, Trey, Barbara, David, Flare and all the folks who did such a great job promoting DS at FC. I very much enjoyed playing in the DS game Boojum ran on Thursday night. That spiteful Valarian child has something to feel spiteful about now--or at least his ghost does.......

For this week, I'm posting a piece commissioned by David Green. He picked it up at the show, after allowing me do prominently display it all weekend at FC. It drew a lot of attentions and positive comments, as well as print orders. It appears to me that folks like scalies...^^ If you'd like a print of this piece, called Cobra's Blessing, please drop me an email.