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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bashcon and More

This week I want to say hi and thanks to all the folks who came to see me and Mark at Bashcon: It was great to meet you all again and we appreciate you harzarding the cold and the traffic to come to the show. We had a lovely time and it was a good show. We have already heard from a new player who had a terrific time and is looking to get his freinds started playing DS.

Tim, I really like your idea for the yak dragon critter. Would you drop a quick note to Mark about it? He will post it on the DS blog and we can see if there is enough interest to do it as a card--perhaps even a mount or beast of burden.

Ann, keep on trucking. There's a laptop in your future. Send me your blog address and I will post it here.

Jason, look to this space, either next week or the week after, to see your completed pencil sketch for Kor's wedding. I will ship it before I post it, of course.

This week's art is something new; an experimental piece I did to try out new techniques. Green Girl is wearing a circlet of leaves that were modeled after foliage I gathered from my back yard. That is, I scanned a leaf, turned it into a 3D model, and used the model to build the circlet. (Don't ask how--this post is already long enough this week and I it will turn into an essay if I go into that....). She was a ton of fun to illustrate. I hope to have more images along this line to show you in the future.


Anonymous said...

Does Green Girl go with that Green man that seemed to be pooping up everywhere (Including t-shirts and garden ornaments) a few years ago? Perhaps she is a new type of Od creature, a fey of sorts...Hum, must think on this one...

As far as my Blog goes, it's simple:


Karen said...

Hi, I bought the blue fairy with chinchilla from you at BASH and I just wanted to let you know that she got here safe and sound. I can't wait to get her framed & on the wall. :)

Susan Van Camp said...

Sometimes images and characters just seem to pop out of no where without explanation. Afterwards, I decide on a name, back story and where the idea came from. It's a strange fact that sometimes this is clearer to me after I've done a peice than while I am doing it.

There are many 'unclassified' odkin--they abound in pristine areas. Dragons might have named and studied them in the past, but if such writings exist they have been lost. Today's scholars rarely have enough Od resistance to make field trips into pristine areas, so very little is known about the inhabitants of these regions. Green girl could easily be some sort of sprite, imp or fey that is unknown to most people.

I've been to your blog and left a comment. Buddy and Goober look like wonderful dogs.

Susan Van Camp said...

Karen, thank you for letting me know that she arrived safe and sound. Despite Mark's packing skills, I'm often a little anxious about shipping art and relieved when I know a piece has made it to its destination in one piece. It's always nice to have someone send a follow up that sets my mind at rest.