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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Pic from a current commission

Another cold morning in Michgan has me running to the coffee pot. This week I've been busy with commission work. The pic I've posted is from a work in progress, a digitally colored painting I'm doing for John Cacciotti (thanks again John!). This image was captured from the scan of an inked drawing. The next stage will be to build a background in Z brush and Painter, which will be cloned in behind her. Finally I'll paint the character herself. There are a lot of steps in this process, but the results make it worth the effort.


Ann Gray said...

I hope to see the finished product at some point in time? (If the commissoner approves)
I like looking at art work...

Susan Van Camp said...

Dear Ann,

Ask and you shall receive. Posting completed commissions is one of the things I had hoped to do here. The pics above are just a start.

If there is anything else you are interested in seeing on my blog let me know. The blog itself is a work in progress and feedback would be deeply appreciated.