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Monday, December 3, 2007

First Day at The Studio

It's a cold November morning in Michigan and I'm blogging. I'm amazed what I can get done under the influence of coffee.

If you don't know me already, I'm Susan Van Camp, a fantasy, science fiction and furry artist. I've had art published in quite a few games, including Car Wars, Legends of the Five Rings and Magic the Gathering. I'm also primary designer of Dragon Storm, a card based role playing game. I dabble in many fields but everything ultimately comes back to art; when my neurons were making their earliest connections, a bias towards visual intelligence is what they chose. Nerdspeak translation: I like pictures.

Pictures are part of what will appear here in the future: Preveiws of upcoming projects, works in progress and experiments in different media. I also plan updates on what I am up to: Conventions, commissions and comics. Keep an eye on this spot and please comment freely. Being new to blogging, I'm not not sure what information would be most useful; feed back will help me create better posts.

That's it for this morning. If November winds are crawling up your spine, wrap up and grab another cup of joe. It works for me.


boojumbunn said...

Hi Susan! This is Boojum! It's cool to see your Blog online.. *grin*

Boojum the brown bunny

Susan Van Camp said...

Hey, Boojum. ^^ Thanks! I've been meaning to do this for a while but didn't really have a chance until convention season was well and truely done. My next show is FC (see you, Lynn and the other west coast DS players there). For now I am resting up, catching up and learning new software---always fun!