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Monday, December 26, 2011

Sphinx Cat and Dragon

If you have even seen a sphinx cat, then you are seeing what a cat looks like under the fur. A sphinx does not have the fluffiness of most felines, but possesses the elegance and grace of the species, made obvious by the lack of covering hair. I had a chance to show these attributes when I was commissioned to do this piece by my patron, Steven B. He gave it to his daughter for Christmas. Part of the reason the piece turned out so well was that he provided me with excellent photos that displayed this agile and playful cat at his best. Thanks again, Steven.

I've made a print of this piece and I am offering it for sale in Etsy. You can see it there at:

Sphinx Cat and Dragon


Jamie said...

That's my cat, Einstein! Your picture came out beautifully. Thank you so much for helping my dad give me the best Christmas present ever!

Sue said...

Hey, Jamie, thanks for posting. I had a blast doing this piece. Einstein is extremely photogenic, as proven by the pics your dad sent. I am delighted to hear how much you liked it!