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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Travels of Kit 1

Good morning, everyone.  You're in for a treat. I've got big bonus post this week!

Travels of Kit is a comic project I have been working on, with the help of Jim H. for some years. All the illustrations in this series are based on his Dragon Storm rpg character, Kit. Incidents shown in the story are taken from DS sessions Kit has been played in. I have had a lot of fun illustrating this series and I am grateful to Jim for conceiving the idea and sponsoring it. The two of us have had a great working relationship,  despite the fact that we have an on going battle over the sketchbook in which the original artwork is done. Both of us claim parentage to the book. Recently Jim presented me with a court order (absolutely valid, of course, not at all written by him and printed on his home printer) giving him custody of the book. Sigh. At least I still have my visitation rights!

Anyway, enough of that. Onto Kit! Please enjoy the first of three new episodes. To view previous episodes, click on the link that appears below the art.

Kit goes to her local tavern to drown her sorrows in ale. This tavern is the same one that was destroyed with Kit first meant Tabitha some time ago. Since that ill fated meeting the owner has rebuilt the place and it is thriving. Kit has just began to relax when she is confronted by a pair of young male tigreans. These are Hans and Franz, a pair of bothers with a reputation for making trouble wherever they go. What king of trouble is made clear when Hans slaps Kit on the back and speaks his first words to her: "Sister! Buy us a drink!"

Kit 1 2011 B


Previous Episodes available at:



Anonymous said...

I did not use my computer to print that court order. I used my parants computer because thay have a better printer then me.


Sue said...

Ah, subtle point! :). Thanks again, Jim!