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Monday, December 13, 2010

Sasha, my Neighbor's Dog

Sasha is a lovely, 13 year old German Shepard who belongs to my neighbors, Mark and Jean. I did this pet portrait as a gift for them. I think it does a good job of capturing her gentle disposition.


Anonymous said...

Susan, this is Mark and Jeanne. As you know, we had to put Sasha to sleep this morning. On our way home, we bought a frame for this print, because we had already decided that would be the picture we hang of her on our Rainbow Bridge wall. Our friend was admiring your work, so I showed him your website, only to be surprised and so very honored to see your homage to her. We cannot thank you enough.

Sue said...

Hi Mark and Jeanne. Thank you for letting me know what happened. I also got Marilyn's call. It was appreciated. I am sad to hear the news, but comforted that you were with her when she passed. She was a fine dog in part because you took such good care of her.

I am very happy that I did this piece when I did. Next time I come over, I'll have a chance to see it framed.