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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Experiment in Color for Devotion

I am always practicing new techniques to improve my art. Last week, this practice involved doing an experimental piece for the Devotion Project. I decided to make an IPad color sketch of Paladin. I am not sure if this will be his final colors, but I do like this look. Enjoy!



Rachel said...

You (and other artists) are starting to make me want an iPad!

Sue said...

Thanks, Rachel. It does have that effect on people, especially other artists!

Matrix said...

Oooo...I do like the color. Very nice. Only thing I have to really say about it is that the characters' name is Dyu'roonth (pronounced Dī-róo-nth) and he weilds a white sword made by drawven smiths from his homeland across the seas. He is a paladin of the old ways.

Sue said...

That's good to know, Matrix. The details about the sword are especially interesting. I'll need to do a drawing of it soon.