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Friday, April 16, 2010

The IPad art commission round-up

Last weekend I attended FCN, a furry convention in Michigan. I had a great time and I want to give a shout to all the folks who stopped by my table to buy and chat. I also want to show the results of my first attempt to sell commissions that I did on my IPad. I was able to offer digital delivery, badges and 5"x7" prints of these images, all of which turned out sharp and vivid. I'm excited about this new technique and I'm planning to continue with it. Many thanks to the folks who commissioned these pieces, which gave me a sound financial reason to improve my IPad drawing skills. The art is unintentionally cropped in some of these images--to see the full picuture, click on it.
N Ninja


FirestarAROC4 said...

Sasha looks like such a happy dog!!

Sue said...

She is! I love that big smile.