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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More 3D

I am continuing to teach myself 3D modeling. I find it fascinating; some of it is very unfamiliar and I have to work hard to comprehend new concepts. Other concepts in modeling build on what I already know as a 2D artist. I've built a second model, a cat, and I'm working on learning to paint texture maps on it. Have a look at this WIP to see how things are coming along.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

WIP for Amy T part 2

December has finally gotten cold in Michigan; there's even a sprinkle of snow on the ground. It's enough to keep me inside, avoiding the blustery wind and blogging. This morning I'm posting a follow up image to a project I'm doing for Amy T. The earlier November post showed pencils for this piece. Here it is digitally colored. Have a gray clouded leopard in the background and a reddish clouded leopard anthro in the foreground worked nicely. There's a lot of detail on these two figures but its still possible to clearly see what's going on in the picture. Thanks again, Amy.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Claudia and Robert

Good morning people. I'm caffeinated, happy and ready to blog. Have a look at a wip for Claudia and Robert, which shows them as samurai warriors. I love illustrating Japanese armor; it's detailed, often colorful and pretty much an art form in itself. Thanks again for this commission, guys.

C hall

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Magic Card Proof Sketches

On my website I sell Proofs of Magic Cards I have illustrated. For those who don't know, a Magic Card proof is a card with printing on the front and nothing on the back. These were produced to test colors when Wizards of the Coast originally printed these cards. They generously sent me some of these proofs for almost every card I did for them. In some cases I only received a few dozen proof cards; in others I got more than a hundred. Proofs, by definition, are limited in number and I have been selling them as collectors' items. I also sell sketches on the backs of proof cards, which take ink and marker very nicely. I've posted some sketches I drew on proof backs below. I'm grateful to Jared, who purchased the proofs and commissioned the sketches. Thanks!

Blazing Effigy Proof Sketch

Waiting in the Weeds Proof Sketch

Sea Sprite Proof Sketch

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Badge for Bleis

Happy December, everyone. This morning's post is a badge commission I accepted at FurFright this year. Bleis commissioned this as a badge, resulting in a simple design, but it came out so well I am likely to sell it as an 8"x10" print too (sans name, of course). Thanks again, Bleis!

Bleis Badge