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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sketches on Proofs

Good Morning, everyone. We just had a lovely February thaw here in Michigan. Looking out the window this morning I thought to myself, 'What snow?" It's lovely to see green grass again. This line of thinking helped to get my blogging brain get up and running (that and the absolutely amazing cup of coffee Mark brought me--our order from Dean's Beans arrived!). Here's this week's second post.
JZ is a lovely customer who purchased some Magic the Gathering artist's proofs from me late last year, then hired me to add some sketches of them to the backs. For those of you not familiar with proofs, these are Magic cards with printing on the fronts but blank on their backs where the game title and logo would normally appear. WoTC very generously provided these to me when I was doing art for them. I have limited supplies of these cards--some more limited than others--and I am selling them as collectibles. Click on this link to learn more about my magic card proofs.

Susan Van Camp's Magic Card images and Proofs

Here is the art I did for JZ's cards. The image is small so click on it if you want to see a larger image. Enjoy!

5th ed


Qcpu said...

Awesome, I love your Magic stuff. Do you normally bring your proofs to Gencon?


Sue said...

Yes, I do. I will do commission sketches on the back of them there, if you like.