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Monday, March 31, 2008

Mysterious Minion Take Two

As much as I enjoyed creating the original Mysterious Minion design, I decided I could do better. Have a look at a truly shady character. This revision was originally intended to take a three color piece of art and turn it into a two color piece, which is more suitable for a simple t-shirt design. Once I started, I found more to like about this revision than it's simpler color scheme. Dropping grays and depending on blacks to carry the mood produced a sharper, more menacing image. Or, in less artsy jargon, he looks cooler in this version.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

First of Spring Part Two

Here's something completely different--a design I created for a Mark's Mysteries t-shirt. If you are not listening to the Mark Mysteries podcast, go directly to the website, follow the links to Mark's Mysteries and give it a listen. Mark of Mark's Mysteries is my husband, Mark Ellis Harmon, and his stories reflect his personality: Weird, Wonderful and not to be missed.

First of Spring

Spring has sprung, the fever has broken and life is fine. I have a number of pieces I've been working on this week. I'll put up two of them now and the rest next week; I am going to take a week off, so if I am slow on email you know why. I've already got my eyes on some bushes near the porch. They need a crewcut in the worst way....

The first piece here is a piece I did for a friend, Gary Bishop, who has recently moved out west and was looking for an inspirational piece as he coped with changes in his life. He plans to have it used as a reference for a tattoo. Though it's simple, I thought it a strong piece, especially color wise.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

March Madness--Jason it's for You!

And finally, I'm concluding this week's March Madness with a scan of Jason's 12" x 16" pencil sketch of Kor's Wedding. The detail on this one was amazing. I'm posting this one fairly large so that it's possible to see everything that is going on. Check out the candle holder on the alter. That is a carving of Kor in gargoyle form! Thanks again for this commission Jason. I will be shipping it to you soon.

More March Madness

As promised, here's another dose of March Madness. Have a look of Amandin, a second in the series of Character Sketches done for Michael Schneider. I love Amandin's attitude; her confidence is infectious! The costume was fun to design too; one of my favorite parts of creating a character portrait is coming up with the clothing. In this case, Michael gave me excellent notes to work from.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

March Madness Part Three: But Wait there's more!

I had to add this sketch of a theif that was part of a project commissioned by Michael Schneider. It included many different characters and personalities; there were so many that it was had to pick a favorite but this guy is definitely a top contender for me. With looks like this, he's likely to be stealing lots of hearts.

March Madness will continue later this week with more finished commissions making an appearance. That means your piece, Jason!

March Madness Part Two--A March Hare!

What's March Madness without a March Hare? This bunny comes courtesy of Boojum. Thanks again! This rabbit is a new character who was started at FC 2008. He is roughly based on a costume that Boojum wore at the show, which included a beautiful robe and a rabbit morph mask which is one of the finest I've ever seen. The bunny head mon was my own idea.

March Madness Part One

Spring fever has me a little crazy so it's March Madness time. I'm bouncing off the walls! There's more going on in my addled brain than I can cover in one sitting; look for multiple posts this week.

First up is a pic I did for Nicholas Bishop. A hyena statue standing by an ancient wall points to an inspirational quote carved into nearby stone. Encroaching vine from nearby jungle snakes up the statue and the wall. The quote is from St. Augustin (thanks Wikipedia!). I loved the concept behind this piece--it was wonderfully original.