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Thursday, March 13, 2008

March Madness--Jason it's for You!

And finally, I'm concluding this week's March Madness with a scan of Jason's 12" x 16" pencil sketch of Kor's Wedding. The detail on this one was amazing. I'm posting this one fairly large so that it's possible to see everything that is going on. Check out the candle holder on the alter. That is a carving of Kor in gargoyle form! Thanks again for this commission Jason. I will be shipping it to you soon.


Jason said...

Dang Sue, That is great. We are going to have to talk about coloring it. Now the hard part. I have to find a good place to put it.

Susan Van Camp said...

Thanks Jason. This piece was a blast and I would absolutely love to color it. In fact, when I did the final pencils, I was already envisioning some of the stuff I might do for a final coloring job--a stone texture on the dias, a marble pattern on the pillars, metal shine on the wedding cup. Drop me a regular email with color ideas when it's convenient and we can go from there.