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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Pic

Merry Christmas everyone! Here is a follow up on a pencil sketch that I posted several months ago. It's a piece commissioned by Devlin for Beth. The image has been sent to the printer and I plan to ship it asap; in the meantime I hope Beth and everyone else will enjoy seeing it here. In addition, we still plan to use it as a DS card and we will be reviewing the ideas generously posted by readers of this blog when the pencil sketch for this piece first appeared. Keep an eye on this blog for updates about it.Devlinnbeth


Qcpu said...

Love the blue dragon! Hope you had a merry Christmas.


Sue said...

Yes to the merry Christmas and thank you to your compliment on the blue dragon. I am especially happy with the markings on his crests and the shape of his head. The whole piece harmonizes nicely color wise. If you look closely at the wizard in the background you will see that he has coffee---yet another reason this is a lovely image. ^^