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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jake's Painting

But wait, there's more! Here is a jpeg image of Jake's actual painting. This shows three of his characters at a picnic. It's ninety degrees where I am today and I think I'm envious of the wolfie who's getting splashed......Jake's painting


Jacob said...

At the request of the artist, from the patron (the acutal Jake).
The three characters in this painting are three of the main characters in a very roughly drafted story called "Heather's Flower". Heather is the large female on the left of the painting, splashing water onto her littermate sister, Winter, in the center. Tripp, the mottle-furred male who got a little cropped in this view is their mate. If it looks like Heather is built like a truck it is on purpose. She is an Alpha. Tripp is a Beta while little ol' Winter is an Omega who will defer to her higher ranking mate and sister in most things. The butterflies (there are four in the final painting) are a food item that the girls are well known for hunting. A finished draft of the story is a long way off due to that pesky full-time job of mine.

Sue said...

Thanks Jake! I've had questions about the piece and it's nice to have some explanation from the person who created the story it's based on. I'm not sure why my blogging software cropped this image--once my schedule slows down a little I may see if I can get a full image up instead of this cropped one.