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Friday, April 16, 2010

The IPad art commission round-up

Last weekend I attended FCN, a furry convention in Michigan. I had a great time and I want to give a shout to all the folks who stopped by my table to buy and chat. I also want to show the results of my first attempt to sell commissions that I did on my IPad. I was able to offer digital delivery, badges and 5"x7" prints of these images, all of which turned out sharp and vivid. I'm excited about this new technique and I'm planning to continue with it. Many thanks to the folks who commissioned these pieces, which gave me a sound financial reason to improve my IPad drawing skills. The art is unintentionally cropped in some of these images--to see the full picuture, click on it.
N Ninja

Aroc Group sketch

The deadline for the AROC project is approaching; as it comes closer, I am beginning work on larger scale, detailed and really fun parts of this commission. Here is a WIP shot from one of them; a group shot of characters from the AROC group. The picture has been unintentionally cropped; to see all the characters, click on the image. When this sketch is approved it will be digitally painted and printed for delivery at Novi Comicon this year. I'll post the color version when it's done. Thanks again, guys!


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Travels of Kit has a Big Update

I had an oops moment recently; I did a big update for Travels of Kit, the illustrated story project sponsored by Jim H. There are nearly twice as many images and stories up now. The image below is a cropped section of image 33, which I think is the most over the top illustration in the story so far. Have a look at Travels of Kit by clicking this link.

Tiger Kit

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I drew it on my IPad

Me and Mark were up early on Saturday, waiting for UPS to deliver the IPads we ordered several weeks ago. For me, the device is a portable digital art studio. I've tried to build a transportable system for creating digital art for some time. I made my first attempt with a portable computer and a Wacom tablet. This proved to be a marvelous set up for home studio work, but it just didn't travel well enough to prove useful for me (too many cords, for one thing). When I purchased an IPhone I found part of the solution with a Pogo Stylus and digital paint software that worked on the phone, but the surface was too small to be really useful for me. Then Apple announced the IPad. With it's 7"x10" screen it solved the size problem neatly. The image below shows what I was able to get out of this device shortly after I started working on it.

I hope to start offering color digital commissions drawn on my IPad and emailed directly to patrons. I might be able to offer this type of commission as early as FCN. As with any tool there is a learning curve involved. I'm having a lot of fun figuring out what I can do with this device.