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Friday, January 18, 2008

Further Confusion is Coming!

Hi folks. My post is short this week; I'm preparing for Further Confusion, a furry show in San Jose California. If you want to know more about the show, go to and followed the links at the bottom of the page. My art post this week is a Chinese dragon that was commissioned by Boojum for Lynn Milam's Penglai campaign. For more information on Lynn's campaign, check out the DS libraries link on the bottom left of our Dragonstorm web page.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Years Pics 4

The kitty image is being done with a group of artists for release at Further Confusion. Many thanks to Michele Light (an excellent artist herself) for coordinating the work. It is part of a Chinese Zodiac story line, explaining why the cat was not included in the group despite her efforts at tricking her way in. Each artist is creating a piece showing the cat trying to disguise herself as the zodiac member represented by her sign. In my case, kitty is getting help from another zodiac member-the dragon- to pretend she is a boar. With a disguise like this, I have to wonder how much help he is really trying to provide.

New Years Pics 3

I've also included a pic taken from a second pencil sketch John commissioned. I love this character design, especially the spinal tattoo. John described it in detail, including first class layouts of Tiranni from front and back. He also gave me a Tiranni story to read which helped me capture her attitude. She's definitely someone I'd want on my side in a fight.

New Year Pics 2

Before that, I've got a follow up from my post of December 8th. The Character featured there has a name: She is Tiranni, and she was commissioned by John Cacciotti, Thanks John! Here is a .jpeg of the finished image. If you are interested in a print of this piece, drop me a line.

New Year Pics

Happy January people. I hope 2008 has been good for you all so far--all seven days of it. I'm back from my holiday vacation and feeling fine. It's 51 degrees outside and raining; we had a thunderstorm last night. The temperatures are going to fall to something more seasonable by week's end but that won't stop me from enjoying this weather while it lasts.

Work wise, I've been finishing lots of commissions and I'll be completing more in the next few weeks. Keep an eye on this spot if you'd like to see some of these images. I'll also be previewing some new art that I plan to debut at Further Confusion later this month. The first of these are featured in my post today.